Our Services

We deliver products and services to water utilities, government, consultants and industry. We pride ourselves on creating strong and lasting relationships with our clients by ensuring that our services and products are scientifically robust, always focussed on our clients needs, and provide lasting value to their business.

  • Proactive Water Management

    We analyse water resources to better understand environmental and operational performance and deliver strategies, hardware and software that support proactive management.

  • Hydrodynamic And Water Quality Modelling

    We use the Centre for Water Research suite of numerical models to simulate the hydrodynamics and water quality of lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, and coastal seas. Our services include model calibration, validation and scenario evaluation to inform strategic and operational decisions. We offer software distribution, customisation, support and training.

  • Decision Support Systems

    We integrate sensor networks, data analysis and numerical models to deliver real-time decision support. Our systems provide access to up-to-date observations, scenario forecasts and analytical tools through an intuitive graphical user interface. Our services build and support these capabilities within client organisations.

  • Assessing Environmental And Operational Change

    We combine our scientific, numerical modelling and decision support skills to quantify the effects of environmental and operational change on the health of water resources. Assessments range from the impact of floods, pollution and climate change to remedial solutions such as artificial mixing, selective withdrawal and pump operations.

Our mission is to bring scientific knowledge and engineering solutions to the water industry

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About Us

HydroNumerics Pty Ltd was founded in 2010 to deliver innovative engineering services that support proactive management of water resources using technologies generated from two decades of research and development. Our team has extensive experience delivering services to local and international clients across the globe.

What We Do

The services we offer are built on our expertise in:

  • Water resources science
  • Software engineering
  • Data collection, analysis and management
  • Hydrodynamic and water quality modelling
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Online Report Cards
  • Assessing environmental and operational change
  • Transferring knowledge and technology to our clients

Our Clients

  • ACT Government
  • ACTEW Water
  • Coliban Water
  • EPA South Asutralia
  • Goulburn Murray Water
  • K Water
  • MLIT
  • Parks Victoria
  • Power Water NT
  • PUB

Where We Work

Our Vision: Smarter Water Resource Management

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We work with our clients to deliver innovative solutions to problems in the water and environment industry. Some recent projects are shown below.

We deliver quantitative improvement in water resource management

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We use, develop and distribute a range of software products to help our clients make informed management decisions.  Our Decision Support System, HydroHub and the 3-Dimensional coupled hydrodynamic and water quality model AEM3D are class leading products built on 30 years of research carried out by the Centre for Water Research.  We help our clients disseminate complex environmental data to a range of community stake holder by developing Online Report Cards.

We also have experience in the application of a range of 3rd party numerical models including the SWAN wave model and the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF).

Software support is provided through our online user Forums

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