Global Innovation and Delivery

At Hydronumerics we deliver innovative products and services to manage lakes, reservoirs, estuaries and coastal seas. We deliver to utilities, government agencies, consultants and private industry throughout Australia and worldwide. Our team can deliver the technology needed to solve complex and challenging problems anywhere in the world.

Proactive Water Management

We quantify environmental and operational performance and deliver the strategies and technology needed for proactive water management. Proactive water management boosts business performance, saves our clients money, and protects their hard-earned reputations.  

Hydrodynamics and Water Quality

Our team are hydrodynamic and water quality modellers with extensive experience modelling lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, and coastal seas.  We build, validate, distribute and support models that guide strategic and operational decisions.

Decision Support Systems

We integrate sensor networks, data analysis and predictive models to deliver real-time decision support.  Our systems provide easy access to up-to-date observations, analytical tools and scenario forecasts through an intuitive graphical interface. Our services build and support these capabilities within client businesses.

  • Global Innovation and Delivery

  • Proactive Water Management

  • Hydrodynamics and Water Quality

  • Decision Support Systems