Update from Rachael Welling

I have completed two months of my internship with Hydronumerics. I have been privileged by the amount of opportunities I have been given to learn about my field, and by the breadth of work I have been able to do. In this time I’ve have flown to Canberra for a site visit to Lake Tuggeranong with Chris O’Neill, and have been able to shadow Peter Yeates for a day at Melbourne Water. I have also been working on a literature review into the effectiveness of Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) in a Water Sensitive Urban Design context, with a focus on the GPTs installed at Lake Tuggeranong. During the past two weeks, I have commenced the modelling stage of this project and am currently working on a year-long model of Lake Tuggeranong. A highlight of my work so far has been my chance to conduct interviews with Prof. Tony Wong and Dr Tim Fletcher, two leading researchers in the field of Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Among other things, I have attended client meetings, learnt about project record keeping and been sent on the occasional coffee run. I am looking forward to the remaining month of my internship, seeing the results of my work, and the year going forward with Hydronumerics.


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