Surface is too high for domain

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 Why I  get the following message, while the water level is below the lake outline?

19:24:38  INFO: Step:  413613/1640000 SimDate: 2014-06-09 20:55:20 (2014160.8718)  Time: 19:24:38
19:24:39  INFO: Step:  413614/1640000 SimDate: 2014-06-09 20:55:30 (2014160.8719)  Time: 19:24:39
19:24:39  INFO:  ***** FATAL ERROR **** FATAL ERROR **** FATAL ERROR *****
19:24:43 ERROR: A subdirectory or file ncfiles already exists.
19:24:43  INFO:  * in subroutine get_surface_and_bottom_maps
19:24:43  INFO:  * Surface is too high for domain: Face c
19:24:43  INFO:  *   Column:         49 i:        33 j:         4
19:24:43  INFO:  *   Height:          NaN
19:24:43  INFO:  *********************************************************
19:24:43 ERROR: A subdirectory or file unffiles already exists.
19:24:43 ERROR: A subdirectory or file Files already exists.
19:24:43 ERROR: A subdirectory or file Files\Sediment already exists.
21:10:15  INFO: AEM3D Run Complete
21:10:15  INFO: *******************************************************************************


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answered Apr 11 by dallimor (1,900 points)
It looks like something may have gone wrong in the code. As a NaN values has been generated.

Can you send me your setup files and I will have a look.

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answered Apr 17 by dallimor (1,900 points)
Hi Mahyar,

Your DINOF variables has gone unstable and has extremely large values.  Trying to simulate 6 algal groups is a big job are you sure need to simulate all of these?  

commented Apr 17 by (170 points)
Hi Chris,
I run the same model with CAEDYM version 3 and the model works for whole summer. Is there any big difference between AEM3D and CAEDYM version 3 which causes the instability?
I also hear that CAEDYM version 3 in not good at simulation of dissolved oxygen. If this is true has this problem been solved in AEM3D?

commented Apr 18 by dallimor (1,900 points)
My guess is your DINOF were still blooming unrealistically in CAEDYM.  The new water quality model does a much better job of maintaining conservation of all variables so these unrealistic blooms hopefully will not occur.
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