Water balance

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asked Jul 27 in AEM3D by Seyoumyg@gmail.com (260 points)
Setting up AEM3d for the first time, I believe I succeeded in adapting the example setup of the Demo model files to my lake conditions. But  I am  lacking info in regard to the following (user manual not helpful for first time users) to begin calibration:

1. Where do I initialize the initial lake water level? I tried to mess with user_init_height and preparing boundary_condition_file but didn't succeed.

2. How do I add evaporation to ncdf output to do water balance calculations?


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answered Jul 27 by dallimor (1,900 points)

You initialise the surface height using the DEFAULT_HEIGHT flag in run_aem3d.dat.

Evaporation can be output with the keyword EVAP_VOL_FLUX.  Also if your inflows are derived from a water balance without taking into account evaporation you can turn of evaporation of volume by setting ievap_vol to 0.

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answered Jul 31 by Seyoumyg@gmail.com (260 points)
Thank you. That worked for me.
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