Why am I getting "Unknown key PIN_resuspenstion_rate_k.." warning?

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asked Aug 3, 2017 in AEM3D by [email protected] (340 points)
Hello HN Team,

Thanks again for your guidance.

I am getting repeated warning about the key words defined in nitrogen.dat and seagrass.dat.

*WARNING* unknown key PIN_resuspension_rate_k in wq_files/nitrogen.data

*WARNING* unknown key PIN_resuspension_rate_kt in wq_files/nitrogen.data

*WARNING* unknown key PIN_critical_shear in wq_files/nitrogen.data

*WARNING* unknown cells_to_carbon in wq_files/seagrass.data

*WARNING* unknown cells_to_carbon in seagrass.data

 I am interested in knowing if I am missing something.

Thank you,


1 Answer

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answered Aug 9, 2017 by dallimor (5,460 points)
These can be safely ignored, because simulate PIN is set to false in the nitorgen.dat file these keys are not read from the configuration file.  

I'll fix the configuration in the example.

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